Monday, 6 February 2012

What have we been doing in class today? Monday 6th Feb

Kayden: In the model making i made a rocket for my Nanny and Grandad because they are on holiday!

Ellen: I've been playing in the dough with Issy, we were preactising heavy and light!

Jacob H: I've been playing in the sand with Issy, we were burying people.

Tamara: We did some faces or writing in the snow.

Emily: I've been painting a picture for Miss GRieg, it was my numbers.

Jacob G: I've been painting in the painting area, I was painting up to 9.

Edward: I have been in the playdough with Kayedn, we were making a rocket station.

Kacey: I have been making a princess castle with Freya, we stuck some sparkles on it.

Mia: I made a card for my Grandad and my nana.

Tiegan: I've bene playing in the snow making snow angels!!

Ben: Me and Bobby were playing in the ice that was in the area, we were breaking it up and putting our sharks in it!

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